Brand: SPT (Shree Parshwa Traders)
Organic and Fresh: SPT Jeera is sourced from trusted suppliers and is organically grown, ensuring the highest quality and freshness.
Aromatic Flavor: Experience the authentic and robust flavor of SPT Jeera, adding a delightful depth to your dishes.
Versatile and International: Perfect for Indian and international cuisine, these cumin seeds elevate the taste of curries, rice dishes, and spice blends.
Premium Quality: SPT Jeera guarantees premium quality, carefully harvested and selected to deliver exceptional taste and aroma.
Pure and Natural: SPT Jeera is 100% natural, free from any additives or preservatives, preserving its pure essence.
Enhance your Culinary Adventures: Explore new flavors and create memorable meals with the aromatic and high-quality SPT Jeera.
Ethically Sourced: SPT Jeera is sourced responsibly, supporting sustainable practices and ethical standards.


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Discover the exceptional quality of Jeera (Cumin Seeds) by SPT. Harvested with care and expertise, these organic cumin seeds offer an authentic and aromatic experience in every dish. Sourced from trusted suppliers, SPT Jeera guarantees freshness and purity, ensuring the natural flavors are preserved. Elevate your culinary creations with these high-quality cumin seeds, known for their robust and distinct taste. Whether you’re preparing Indian or international cuisine, SPT Jeera adds a delightful depth of flavor to curries, rice dishes, and spice blends. Experience the pure essence of Jeera with SPT’s premium and natural cumin seeds, perfect for enhancing your culinary adventures.

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