Besan Puri

🌟 Brand: SPT (Shree Parshwa Traders)
🟑 Premium Ingredients: Made with Moth Split Beans, Wheat Flour, and aromatic spices 🌿
🟑 Exotic Flavors: Infused with Red Chilli, Bay Leaves, Cinnamon, and Cumin Seed for a burst of taste πŸ”₯
🟑 Crispy & Savory: Deep-fried to perfection, offering a delightful crunch πŸͺ
🟑 Easy-to-make: Enjoy these savory puris hassle-free 🧁
🟑 Tea-Time Favorite: Pair them with your favorite beverage for a perfect treat β˜•
🟑 Tradition & Love: Crafted with care, capturing the essence of Indian cuisine ❀️
🟑 Versatile Snack: Ideal for any time of the day or as party delights πŸŽ‰
🟑 Delightful Surprise: Share these flavorful puris with loved ones 🎁
🟑 Taste of Heritage: Embrace the rich flavors of our Besan Puri 🏞️


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Savor the authentic taste of Besan Puri by SPT. Crafted with premium Moth Split Beans, Wheat Flour, and exotic spices like Red Chilli, Bay Leaves, Cinnamon, and Cumin Seed, these crispy and savory puris are a treat for your taste buds. Made with Edible Veg. Oil and a touch of Salt, they complement your tea-time perfectly. Share joy with friends and family with the 200g pack, adding a touch of tradition to gatherings. Easy to make and bursting with delightful flavors, this traditional Indian snack is a must-try for anyone seeking a delectable and satisfying culinary experience. Order now and relish the taste of India!

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