5 inch urad Papad

Brand: SPT (Shree Parshwa Traders)
Authentic Urad Papad: Handmade with care, these papads offer an authentic taste of Indian cuisine.
Handcrafted: Each papad is carefully made by skilled artisans, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship.
Spicy and Savory: Infused with flavorful spices like asafoetida, black pepper, and mace, these papads provide a delightful kick.
Gluten-Free: Made from black lentil flour, these papads are suitable for individuals with gluten sensitivities.
Gourmet Delight: The premium quality and gourmet flavors make these papads a standout choice for food enthusiasts.
Healthy Snack: Packed with protein and free from gluten, they offer a healthier snacking option.
Perfect for Gatherings: Whether hosting a party or enjoying a meal, these papads add an authentic touch to any occasion.
Authentic Indian Snack: These papads celebrate the rich culinary heritage of India, delivering an unmistakable taste experience.
Crispy Texture: With a 5-inch diameter, they offer a satisfying crunch that enhances the overall snacking experience.
Traditional Craftsmanship: Crafted using time-honored methods, these papads preserve the traditional essence of Indian cuisine.
Aromatic Flavors: Infused with fragrant spices like javitri, these papads offer an aromatic journey for your senses.


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Experience the authentic flavors of Indian cuisine with 5-inch Urad Papad by SPT. Handmade with care, these gourmet papads are crafted from black lentil flour and infused with flavors like asafoetida, mace, black pepper, and javitri. Crispy and gluten-free, they offer a healthy snacking option. These savory and spicy papads showcase the richness of Indian spices while delivering a satisfying crunch in every bite. With their premium quality and traditional craftsmanship, they make an ideal addition to any meal or gathering. Indulge in the aromatic and mouthwatering taste of these handcrafted Urad Papads for a truly authentic Indian snack experience.

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